Criddle & Co

Criddle & Co Ltd is an agricultural commodity trading company supplying high quality ingredients to both food and feed manufacturers and processors across the UK.

World markets for feedstuff ingredients, like many commodities, are in a constant state of flux, with prices changing from hour-to-hour. Operating from the Cunard Building in Liverpool, Criddle & Co’s market knowledge and experience coupled with computerised real-time price information, ensures that it has its finger on the pulse and is able to source the best products at the best prices for its UK-wide customer base.

It monitors every factor that might have a bearing on quality, availability and price - including plantings, weather, harvests, shipments and world demand. Using specialised transport contractors and its experienced logistics team, it can arrange deliveries to suit its customers’ needs and requirements.

Criddle & Co

Criddle & Co. Ltd.
2nd Floor
Cunard Building
L3 1EL

T 0151 243 9004

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